Travel Photography of India by Kristian Bertel | Travel & Photos

The travel photography of Denmark-based photographer Kristian Bertel. With a focus on India as the travel destination, this photo blog encompasses a wide range of people and locations in India, showcasing the work of the travel photographer

Boy in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India | Travel & Photos

An Indian boy in the city of Aurangabad, India.

Inspiring travel images from India

This blog is showing a gallery of the travel photography from India by Kristian Bertel, with photographs from the inspiring country of India. The travel photos are a collection of photos from the traveling photographer Kristian Bertel who is showcasing his photo works from his India journeys. Celebrating the best in travel the India photos depict the colors of India from beautiful and rural village life to the colorful cities of India. Always with a travel focus on the portrait. The photos from his recent trips are almost like a travelogue for the photographer himself, where travel moments and travel experiences in India are captured on his photo camera. During his trip to the South Asian country, he got an insight view of life in India where he discovered the stunning sceneries that passed by him most of the time while traveling.

The traveler trail
As he had already packed his camera bag and hit the traveler trail he enjoyed the great moments of travel, from the streets and the countryside fields of India. While traveling through India he traveled and took pictures in different states and provinces. From regions in the dusty and classic Rajasthan and vibrant and holy city of Varanasi to the populated and metropolian environments in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the India travel photographer always looks for scenes for his photography. His India travel photography and portfolio also cover the city of Delhi, which is the capital of India, and photographic places in the province of Haryana. On of the things the photographer has on his travel bucket list when he is traveling, is ofcourse a camera so he ia available to freeze the mezmering travel situations. While other travel photographers show images from around the world this photo blog solemnly has a focus on the life in India as the destination. Slides of life from India that started as a photographic theme for the photographer but eventually became a long-term project for him.

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